How To Raise A Wild Child


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Today's children are much less connected to the natural world than any other time in history. There are several reasons for this disconnection. There are more electronic devices marketed toward the younger generation which captures their attention and takes away their desires to go outside and play. Children today have significantly less encouragement for unstructured outdoor play. Growing urbanization in our country has also contributed to less parks, open spaces, woods and fields for children to explore. There is no better gift to give your child than an appreciation and a passion for the outdoors. There is no recommended starting age to introduce a youngster to the great outdoors. The longer you wait to present these outdoor-related experiences to your child, the more of a chance there is for your child to be swept away by external distractions such as organized sports, social gatherings, and extra-curricular activities. As soon as your child is born, get them outdoors. Let them feel the gentle breeze as they soak up the warm rays of the sun. Point out the flowers, trees, insects, reptiles and wild things found all around them. Introduce them to their surrounding environment, so they grow up with an appreciation for everything Mother Nature has to offer. Do your part to instill their passion to be wild, one outdoor experience at a time. It is our job as parents and mentors to ensure the future of raising our children wild.