NRA Rifle Instructor Course - May 25, 2019

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This 16-hour course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, promoting, and teaching NRA's Basic Rifle Shooting course.  

Prerequisite:  Possession of basic firearm safety and shooting skills is a prerequisite for certification as an NRA Rifle Instructor

*** MUST have already completed NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting Course prior to signing up for this course ***

Course is presented in two parts:

(1) 6-hour Basic Instructor Training (BIT) where students will demonstrate organizational and teaching skills via participation in practical exercises during the course; and 

(2) discipline-specific 16-hour Rifle Instructor training including an instructor certification examination.  Students will receive the NRA Trainer's Guide, NRA Rifle Shooting Instructor Candidate Packet, and NRA Basic Rifle Shooting course student packet.  

BIT is the mandatory pre-requisite for initial NRA Certified Instructor training.  To be certified as an NRA Instructor, students must complete this 6-hour course that teaches material common to all NRA courses.  This course does not certify the instructor candidate to teach any NRA course.  Additional discipline-specific instructor training is required to certify instructor candidates to teach specific courses.

After you successfully complete NRA BIT and score at least 90% on the Trainers Exam, you should be ready for whichever discipline-specific instructor training class offered (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol).  You will demonstrate your qualifications through the Pre-Course Qualification tests associated with the specific discipline. 

For current NRA Instructors adding a rating, you may be required to attend another BIT Course if you have not completed that course within the previous 2 years.

Instructor Classifications:

Certified instructor: 21 years of age or older 

Assistant instructor: 18 years of age or older (allows youth to assist Certified Rifle Instructors)

Apprentice instructor: 13-17 years of age (allows youth to assist Certified Rifle Instructors)

Note:  This certification is required for registered Boy Scout Leaders to run a Boy Scout Rifle Range