Understanding Ballistic Coefficient

A projectile’s BC is its ability to overcome air resistance as it travels to the target. by HEIDI LYN RAO posted on February 16, 2023 NEWS, TERMINOLOGY, HUNTING, GEAR, FIREARMS Support NRA Women DONATE Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is a common phrase among shooters that refers to a bullet or a projectile’s performance. A projectile’s BC is its ability to overcome air resistance…

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The Easy Explanation of Minute of Angle (MOA)

You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand how to apply this common shooting principle. by HEIDI LYN RAO posted on February 14, 2023 NEWS, TIPS & TACTICS, TERMINOLOGY, GEAR, FIREARMS Support NRA Women DONATE Minutes of Angle (MOA) is one of those phrases that if you do not know what it means or understand it, you will be left…

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3 Steps to Training a New Shooter

Firearm training

When a new shooter seeks out a firearms training course and pays for a service, they are essentially hiring the instructor. It seems that most individuals who put themselves out there and advertise as a firearm instructor have never had any formal training, outside being self-taught and learning through videos and social media. There are…

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Getting to Know the Humble Single-Action Revolver

Woman with single-action revolver

Maybe it is the age we live in, or maybe I am just showing my age. I am amazed how many of my students have never shot a single-action revolver. Revolvers are handguns with a revolving cylinder. The cylinder of a revolver contains cartridges, not unlike the magazine in a pistol. The cylinder of a single-action…

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