3 Steps to Training a New Shooter

Firearm training

When a new shooter seeks out a firearms training course and pays for a service, they are essentially hiring the instructor. It seems that most individuals who put themselves out there and advertise as a firearm instructor have never had any formal training, outside being self-taught and learning through videos and social media. There are…

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Getting to Know the Humble Single-Action Revolver

Woman with single-action revolver

Maybe it is the age we live in, or maybe I am just showing my age. I am amazed how many of my students have never shot a single-action revolver. Revolvers are handguns with a revolving cylinder. The cylinder of a revolver contains cartridges, not unlike the magazine in a pistol. The cylinder of a single-action…

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Understanding Ballistics Basics

Ballistic firearm training

It seems that we now live in a world of acronyms. In the past you could get by with a good Webster’s dictionary and a Thesaurus. Many of us remember the days in high school or college when we had to complete the dreaded term paper. We had to physically go to the library to do our…

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What Are Transfer Bars?

Transfer bar

There is a defining distinction between those of us “in our prime,” and younger generations. No, it is not all of the electronics and technology, the “new” math that we parents cannot do, or even the virtual world. That is because even the eldest of the older generation can learn these things. What separates us…

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Late Season Blind Savvy

Savvy stick rifle training

Late-season deer hunting can be very difficult and oftentimes frustrating. This is especially true in the southern states where deer season is still in progress. Late-season deer hunting is challenging because these deer have been hunted all season long, migrating patterns have been disturbed, and the woods and fields are full of human scents. Deer…

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5 Musts When Taking a New Shooter to the Range

Good instructors create good students. With proper instruction, your students will leave with the skills they need to improve their marksmanship. Teaching is a skill. Not everyone is a teacher, that is why we, as a society, have so much respect and admiration for those we trust our children with eight or more hours a…

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3 Tools You Need for Game Recovery

The right tools make the easy and efficient recovery of game possible. Anyone who has ever been hunting will tell you, it is after you take your animal that the real work begins! I have heard successful elk hunters explain their emotional rollercoaster after a successful hunt. One hunter said the most exciting moment was when he…

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Overheard on the Gun Range: Common Terminology

Knowing what these terms mean can keep everyone safe while having an enjoyable experience at the range. Knowing what these terms mean can keep everyone safe while having an enjoyable experience at the range. Accidental Discharge—An unanticipated and unforeseen discharge of a firearm. Injuries and property damages can possibly be prevented if all shooters follow the…

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4 Ways to Purify Backcountry Water

Whether you’re a backcountry hunter, camper or hiker, chances are you’ll need to replenish your drinking water by purifying a natural water source. Here are the most four common methods. When hunting or hiking in the backcountry or extended camping in a “dry” camp, it is sometimes necessary to replenish drinking water. In hot climates…

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How to Be a Courteous and Ethical Hunter

An ethic is an unwritten rule for the way we behave and act when no one else is watching, and this especially pertains to hunting. What does it mean to be a courteous and ethical hunter? Most all of us were raised to follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them…

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